week 8 extra credit

Beatriz DA Costa in the ” earthlings” discusses elaborates on what is today one of the biggest issue on earth, the treatement of animals by humans. From the genesis of the world, it is known or it has been set that humans will practically dominate on animals. To be precise, humans will feed themselves of animals. The human has hence thought of creating a place that is known as a farm, to keep animals together and to promote animals reprroduction.

According to http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6361872964130308142, since we all inhabit the earth we are consider earthlings. This website adds that therefore there should not be any specism, sexism, racism, etc. Curiosly, that is not the case. Everything that is mentioned on both Costa’s lecture and this video are happening today. People do treat some species with no courtesy at all. This is true especially for animals and in cases of wars between countries.

The above picture, as I can interpret it from http://earthlingsinfo.com/photos/?album=1&gallery=1, is meant to portray the beauty comprised in the term earthlings. Looking deep down at the picture, we can see each categories of earthlings. For instance, the human, the trees and animasls. Scientifically speaking, the earth contains three big areas, namely the humans, animals and the nature. To my prospective, the earth’s balance will never be maintained constant as long as all three of the ares do not corporate ideally. What I mean by this statement is that  the nature that provides for the humans and the animalsto keep living should be considered as a living species aswell. If this becomes true in the course of  the living species lives an equilibrium state will be established. The human will be compelled to evaluate and re-evaluate all his actions involving both the nature and animals before attemping to adopt any of  them. For instance, the case of  trees and Gorrillas, cows etc.

The purpose of  both this blog and Costa’s lecture as we can see is to raise public awareness regarding the mistreatment of animals.  Animals are part of  the three big areas that constitute the earth. From natural processes, logic and several scientific experimentations, it is deduced that life is made a lot easy when things changes equally. I mean when there is a equal balance of  things. When this is made or has occured, people do adapt to these changes accordingly. Because we all desire to live in a world that is almost free from any sort of imbalance, we should consider working toward finding balance as far as the animals mistreatment and cutting trees is concerned. We all know how bad they are being treated. One can venture that animals and trees were made to be controlled by humans. However, it turns out that doing so does implement the perturbation of  the earth as a whole. Hence, as cautious and prudent people, we should all step up to the plate and react accordingly in order to prevent the actual and the future world  from probable mishaps.

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