week 4 extra credit

The Louise M. Biomedical Library was founded by Loiuse Darling in 1947. Darling served as a U.S Army female librarian who trained several people accross the United States.

The Louise M. Darling Biomedical library is one of  the most resourceful library at UCLA.  This library is composed of  staff , whose  mission according to its history, is to provide acces to and delivery to information resources. It is also reported that its primary focus of  services and collectionsis to support the health and the life sciences research, educational, and patient care responsibilities of  UCLA faculty, students and staff. Clearly it can be seen that the biomedical library contributes greatly regarding human services.

The biomedical library is also comprised of  a graduate study room which is restricted to graduate and professional students in the school of dentistry, medicine, nursing, public health and the life sciences division of the college of letters and science.  We all know that in regard to a successful studies, a guaranteed place to study is really crucial. When there are reserved places where students,especially graduate science students, can sit down and work together there is always an effective result that comes out of  it. Its either they will partly answer big scicenctific questions or design a filed to initiate in the science field. This is why the Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library has jealously thought to build such a room for students.

The biomedical library also accepts donations of  the materials that strictly supports the education and most importantly the research of its mission. This is also an important  area to consider because we all know that archives are always inspiring even though changes are being made daily.

One of  the most valuable holding that the biomedical library has is the area of the special collections or the history division. This is area where the history of the medical thought is and practices of earliest to the recent time is carried. These are collections from the earliest fifteenth century to the earliest twentyt first century. For instance, the life sciences focus on the natural history, zoology and botany. In addition, the library has some of the history books in French and some other languages. This library branch consists of the primary, secondary, and tertiary literature and it is open to all users with valid bruin card. Because of  the importance of  the books collection in the history division, one is only allowed to consult books during all the biomedical hours. Every thing belonging in this collection is to be returned when the library closes.

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