Week 1 / Two Cultures / Patrick Morales

It seems to me that the struggle for understanding between the scientific world and the literary world, perfectly embodied in the on-campus-North-South rivalry, creates  a world of conflicting perceptions.  I have heard countless arguments as to which side has greater job security, which side is prettier and which side has more attractive students roaming its halls.  I could never fully wrap my mind around the arguments because I discovered that half my classes have been in the south of campus and the other half in the north.  Its a game of perception, a game that only leads to comparing and contrasting.  At the end of the day its not gonna matter who thinks of what or who knows the author of a particular book, its gonna boil down to who-is-getting-paid and who-is-getting-laid.

As a hybrid I find myself even more confused when people begin bragging about  their side because  many times the battle is led by  outside influences that have nothing to do with the pros and cons of the two worlds.  Maybe its a group of students who have been fueled by the intoxicating allure of alcohol who begin spewing off completely ridiculous comments.  Even when the argument is more subdued in a quiet conversation or a sly joke before class I don’t think any avenue could lead to a complete and objective analysis of the two worlds.  Its like the decision on how one is going to review a movie.  You could watch the movie and compare it to all the previous movies you have ever seen and grade it accordingly.  Or you could just take the movie for what it is and enjoy it.  I prefer to sit back and enjoy the two worlds for what they are.

While this might be idealistic I think that judging the two sides isn’t gonna do anything but gray a couple of hairs and slap on another heavy layer of doubt on top of the already gargantuan pile that any human wrestles.  There is no 2 or 3 or 986,756 worlds.  There is one.  And it is as complex as you wanna make it.

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