Week 9/ Nano/ Patrick Morales

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Oxymoronically the nano industry will become a huge deal in the future.  As of today there are many properties of nano particles that scientists are still researching.  I personally had little to no idea what nano technologies actually consisted of so I went to the most popular trusted source: YouTube. I found countless videos warning about the dangers of nanotechnology and the importance of controlling the release of nano particles in the environment. In one of the videos it astonished me that a leading scientist said that the effects of introducing nano particles are largely unknown. This information suddenly became more troubling when I learned that we are already using nano particles in everyday articles such as toothpaste, tennis balls and soap. There is a certain level of danger with all products but with products that utilize nano technologies the effects might be small to the point of non-detection.


Even with the justified caution with nano particles I am fascinated by the doors that nano-tech could open up for our understanding of our planet. The director of the Material Science Division at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab enthusiastically stated “Suddenly it’s like the periodic table projects out into a new dimension. It’s not just that we have the list of elements but it’s when we can change their sizes and each size is a little bit different than every other when it’s very small.” Could this possibly one of the keys into the dimensions of reality that are largely a mystery to us? Is the world made up of layers of different sized molecules? I don’t know and I don’t believe that any scientist could possibly answer those questions today, especially because much of the research involving nano technology is to solve problems of the world that we do know.

“Till now scientists have dissected animals and other creatures to attain more knowledge about the matter from which they are made of, and often succeeded…” but what new discoveries could nano technology uncover? One possibility is the eventual phasing out of a reductionist view point on medicine, molecules and life. By being able to ‘infiltrate’ the blood stream with nano bots or more accurately target illnesses in our bodies we could sophisticate complex system science techniques.

But where does art fit in with nano? It fits right nicely in fact. Visual art is being use d to make some complex anno properties more relatable and easier to understand. The pictures that were used in Thursday’s guest lecture were all computer generated images. So while the market for scientific research expands so will the market for science based art. The entertainment industries infatuation with nano is definitely bound affect the image of the emerging technology.

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