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hello students in section d,

my name is Alberto - I will be the TA for this section and the admin for this blog. If you have problems or questions re the blog or the class, you can email me at apepe@ucla.edu

Unfortunately - I will have intermittent access to the webs and email until Sunday afternoon (I am away until then) but I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

You should find the instructions on how to post your first blog in these pages. Remember to include week number (e.g. week1), a title (of your choice), and your name in all posts. This format for the post title would be nice: week# title name.



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  1. lam tran says:


    I registered the night after thursday class and i haven’t received an email.

    Its sunday now, and i tried using the default ‘desma9′ password without the email confirmation and no luck. I re-registered and it allowed me to do so with the username/email i tried on thursday.

    Was there like a database wipe or something?

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