Extra Credit/Week 9:Sound N Science Symposium/Lam Tran

I went to see the “Cymatics:Bringing Matter To Life With Sound” by Dr. Hans Jenny right after Thursdays lecture

I even saw Prof. Vesna there.

It was a video of different plastics, waxes, fluids and particles placed on a vibrating membrane and seeing how the move in response to the vibrations. There’s not much to say about it besides this.

Most of them shared some similarities. In the cases of everything except the loose particles (the sand or whatever they used) generally formed circular shapes, pulsated, and circulated. The material would be pushed out from the center of the top region and then come back inwards once it comes to the bottom. The less viscous fluids circulated in the opposite pattern where it would come out from the sides and move inward at the center.

The loose patterns formed patterns when vibrating. It usually created rings which would change as the vibrations change. There was also one with a drop of fluid with another drop of ink in it. When those vibrated it would make different flowing patterns. They all had a circulating pattern to their flow but where it circulated and how many points where it circulated around changed. Wasn’t very interesting in my opinion. The voice of the narrator had this monotone. Throw that in with watching a ink blob move around in a water droplet for a minute and you have yourself a fairly uninteresting show for those who do not really understand or care for the mechanics behind vibrations.

Lam Tran

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