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Final Abstract- Memory Lane- Gindy Nagabayashi

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

There are two types of memory: semantic and episodic. Episodic memories are memories from personal experiences and related feelings. By flashing a series of pictures and words visitors will walk down a black tunnel. As they proceed through the exhibit, words and pictures will flash onto the walls from projectors to induce memory recall, measurements of neurotransmitters released from audience will be collected. The data collected will be displayed in the form of a blueprint of the brain and the different regions triggered by the images representing human consciousness interacting with memory. When multiple people are interacting with system, similarities and differences measured will also be indicated. The purpose of this project is to explore emotions induced by episodic memory recall, specifically enhancing the human consciousness for the audience.

Gindy Nagabayashi

Final_Abstract/Nightlight Project/Connor Petty

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

People have always looked up at the night sky and named stars and constellations. Ancient civilizations relied on the stars to give them insight and to predict the future. They relied in how static the sky was and tried to explain strange traveling stars as omens or gods. Using their creativity to explain and observe, it have never been possible change the night sky. The purpose of the Nightlight project would be to change all that. People would be able to use their creativity to paint stars and constellations of their own. The sky will become the artist’s canvas and such art would be able to be viewed by anyone, anywhere.

Final: Healing addictions through virtual reality By Claudia Zapien

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Virtual addiction therapy is a form of using the technology of virtual reality to allow a patient to visualize the damage made from additions and use that image to be the catallizing force for their addiction treatment. This type of treatment would be more of a preventative measure for patients who are in the beginning stages of their addition or patients who need a sort of motivating force to begin a treatment that will help them overcome addiction to alcohol,tobacco, illegal and prescription drugs. The therapy would not be the only form of treatment, but it will be accompanied by either drugs and /or counseling depending on the needs of each particular case.  

Claudia Zapien

Final_Abstract/ Blind Dating/ Ariel Alter

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Online dating makes your eyes red and your fingers tired. Systematically, I, uh I mean, you, dear reader, sift through profile after profile, not even reading what the person has to say about his or herself, judging the person on what is contained within that supposedly truthful little icon. Imagine this late Saturday night scenario you have often: a person instant messages you through an online dating site, and you immediately reject them due to the immediate appearance of their profile picture. I’ve never online dated, but this is supposedly what happens, quite often.

But what if there was a dating system where all judgement about appearance and the sound of someone’s voice was suspended? I propose such a site. The “dating” will occur on a site, but daters will be redirected to a theme park type environment created specifically for the site for their “date.” Daters will have to wear asexual suits resembling the figures in this comic:

Industrial designs of costumes coming soon.

The project will ultimately ask, is it possible for a world where men and women can consider themselves intellectual companions, rather than obstructing a relationship due to immediate perceptions about their sexual value? Are our desires really are own? Meanwhile, the project will shave off all the tedious uncomfortable alienating things about most online dating sites.

Final_Abstract\Genderless\Amy Chen

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

“Genderless” is a video and interactive simulation built to explore one’s true gender.  In society, we are taught that your sex correlates directly to your gender.  But in actuality, gender is a mere social construct - the fact that we believe only two genders exist is an example of this limiting construct.  ”Genderless” will allow the participant to interact with other beings in a visual simulation, as in real society, and allow them to rate the being on a level of how “attractive” the participant feels towards that being.  The end will consist of a survey in which participants are to guess the gender of each being.  This piece is an attempt to show that even same-sex beings can be seen as highly attractive, regardless of their gender.

Final Abstract: Kelly Tseng

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Energy conservation is most crucial now more than ever. By conserving the earth’s vital resources, we may be able to create new established cities that can sustain the world’s rapidly growing population, without depleting scarce resources. I believe that a completely developed and urbanized city can be constructed entirely based on conserved resources, as well as function mainly from the means of our natural environment. This sustainable city will help individuals understand the immense impact of “going green” and the impact of how small changes in the choices and behaviors of our everyday life can amount to such vast changes for our society and our planet.

Final Abstract\Akhil Rangaraj

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

<!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>The human body has a remarkable and well developed nervous system. It is estimated that our brains have 100 billion neurons and uses roughly 20% of our glucose! During their schooling, most people learn about the development of a nervous system, however few learn the relation between our nervous system, electricity, and our bodies. Through an exhibit, visitors will be informed about the nervous systems of various key groups such as primates and cephalopods, the human brain and the storm of electrical signals going through it, and the possible relation between the brain and consciousness. This is a distillation of my midterm project to further explore a key area in it.

Final_Abstract By Joon Jang

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Water fountains with a GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) sensor each performs according to the aura (bio-electricity in medical terms) of a person, or according a preset pattern.  The fountains are able to interact with each other in their performance if there are multiple inputs (one per fountain).  It is important that the fountains be in a public location so that anyone can enjoy them at anytime.  The fountains are just as colorful and just as dynamic as “magic fountains,” since they need to represent the complexity of the human aura visually.  The fountains are meant to present naturally to people the existence of aura in the scientific sense and its use as an alternative medical diagnostic tool.

Final Abstract/Joseph Racca

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

The purpose of this project “With Sympathy” is to make it possible for two or more people to feel true ’sympathy pains,’ by experiencing the same exact sensations as the other person/persons.  We always hear it and say it; at funerals we give cards that say “With Sympathy,” but now people will really be able to feel what others feel, at any given moment.  Through a system which I will call ‘I-U Synchronization,’ people will be able to feel the same sensations and emotions as other people they wish to ’sympathize’ or in this case ‘empathize’ with.  This allows people to better understand each other’s lives and feelings through shared experience.

Final Abstract: Jasmine Huynh

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Global warming is undoubtedly a serious problem. The consequences of this problem cannot, and will not, go unnoticed: We will face hotter and drier summers, reduced soil moisture, coastal eruption and melting polar ice caps. Earth’s natural beauty will be lost to a problem that we can easily solve.

The first step to fighting this problem is raising public awareness. Enjoying Earth cruiseline will employ both aesthetic and technological methods to show passengers the consequences and doom that the planet (and its inhabitants) will face due to global warming.

Only with true understanding of a problem can we make strides toward a solution.

Only with true understanding of a proble

final abstract_MS Awareness_Jillian Cross

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

My installation uses art and technology to promote awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. A user will put on a headset that induce safe and temporary spots in the brain to imitate the lesions caused by MS. The user will go through stages of MS from early to severe. Then, the effects of a test medicine are implemented into the brain so the user can feel firsthand the benefits of this medicine. This is to encourage funding for the medicine. While people will be experiencing the physical effects through the headset, images and sounds will be projected in the room for more viewers. Images and videos will accompany the sounds. Since many sufferers of MS do not exhibit visible symptoms, this will help people get a firsthand experience into the disease.

Final Abstract / solving the puzzle, modeling reality / stephany howard

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

I want to create an online puzzle, or database, or interface which functions as an interactive game and artistic metaphor for how the internet is revolutionizing the spread of information, and how humans are using the internet to form models of the way the world works (universal truth).  I want to create a sexy interface or game (of visual puzzle perhaps) not only to seduce people into using the internet to improve our individual models of universal truth, but also to create an interdisciplinary bridge between specialized interfaces on the web (like facebook, wikipedia, youtube, and twitter), such that harnessing the specialized potential of each site gives rise to solving a metaphorical puzzle.  Playing this game and solving the puzzle produces a unified sense of the model of truth that the internet provides—how do we use the internet to perfect our collective human model of truth?   I want to use this new puzzle / artwork / interface / database to help us embrace the internet and use it to create a unified, central model of reality through the specialized “feelers,” so to speak, of each of these specialized sites.

Final Abstract/ Viral Infection/ Andrew Curnow

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

(Title) is an innovative installation that represents the viral growth and spreading, allowing for both an image of biological art as well as touching upon disease spread and prevention, an issue that has touched society since the earliest of civilizations. The installation will be a demonstration combining visual senses in sight, witnessing how easy it is to spread disease and viral infection without care, while having an emotional touch on how disease has affected humanity. The installation, which will seem almost like an interactive artistic, science show, will also incorporate the newest frontier of biotech in disease prevention.

Final Abstract/ Lam Tran

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Tattoos are ink injected into our skin. Its painful and permanent. When someone with one scars that area with a tattoo, the image is ruined. What if there is a tattoo that is not permanent or if made permanent, it will be able to heal itself. Viruses are normally not classified as organisms, and thus are somewhat controllable if someone controls the settings. Scientists have been using them as carriers for various genome therapies. What if scientists took this to the next level and into the realm of art. Tattoos that have ink pigment or something more advanced brought into our systems with viruses. What would be really nice if these compounds can be set to grow. These could be set to biodegrade on a scale of hours, to days, to years, or even lifetimes.  Or, if you want a permanent option that can heal itself, make use of retroviruses that will change the DNA of the skin tissue. That way, it may even be able heal itself if that area is cut or had a minor burn. Glowing tattoos that are made through either a simple injection or maybe even a pill. It sure beats spending an hour or more at a tattoo parlor.

This is based off my midterm and will take it to the next level by researching more about possible compounds and learning more about retro viruses in general.

Lam Tran

Final Abstract/ Nathan Reynolds/ Week 8

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

By utilizing a financially plausible and practical method for constructing an Arcology, humanity will be able to make many of its actions environmentally friendly and sustainable as well as affordable and beneficial to itself.  The objective of this project is to create Hyper Structures such as those first made popular by Paolo Soleri composed of components which were originally conceived by Buckminster Fuller’s search for making modular assemblies.  Through accomplishing these things, an Arcology can be created to be extremely efficient while minimizing waste.  By minimizing waste, an Arcology can maximize the lifespan of the materials it uses, thus decreasing expenses and increasing profitability.  Fewer expenses directly result in cheaper costs for living in the Arcology.

Final Project/Running/Cycling Simulator. /Yu Hsiao

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Running/Cycling Simulator.

In the running and cycling communities, there are many notorious routes, courses, climbs, trails, that runners and cycling enthusiasts enjoy. Those different routes, and courses are scattered all over the world, and not every person could experience each courses’ enjoyment, due to expenses of travelling, or time. In this project, I want to develop a running/cycling simulator, where a screen would show the actual scenes of the course as the runner/cyclist makes his/her way around the course. The temperature of the course would also be simulated by an air conditioner. The humidity would also be simulated. Lastly the intensity of the actual course would be simulated through actual recordings of heart rate, and power so that the user of this installation would get a complete feel each unique course. I hope to allow everyone in the world, to get to experience different courses scattered all over the world, without spending too much money and time to travel to the actual course.

Week 8\Final Abstract\Marian Portugal

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

The Drunk Driver Simulator is meant to mimic, in the most accurate way possible, the effects of being under the influence of alcohol, without actually being intoxicated.  Through this, participants will be able to experience how threatening alcohol can be when consumed at dangerous levels.  This project will attempt to target mainly the visual senses, which will result in a distortion of vision, loss of perception, and loss of control.  With this visual impairment, participants will have to go through a series of virtual tests and examinations to assess their ability to carry out simple tasks such as driving home and unlocking their door.  Based on their performance, these participants will learn how their night went and if they were able to return home safely or not. 

Week 8/ Final Abstract/ Patrick Morales

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

{Untitled} is an installation that provides a physical representation and a psychological illumination of an individual’s contribution to their local community. The installation is meant to provide visitors with an entirely new experience created by a combination of light, form and technology.  The installation will be a moving transformative form that reacts to every human in its presence.  Changing shape form, color and texture every moment of its being.  The installation will empower the actions and intellect of its visitors inspiring them to reach out and connect with their community no matter the scope.  By manner of extension, the installation is a reflection of ones influence upon the greater global community.