Week 3_Asimo by Adam Parker

As the years go by, scientists and engineers get closer and closer to creating realistic artificial intelligence. I believe that one of the most important projects in development right now is ASIMO created by Honda.

ASIMO home page (United States)

For those of you who do not know, ASIMO is Honda’s “Advanced Step in Innovative MObility”. At this point in time, ASIMO is capable of running, walking, turning, exercising, pushing a cart, walking with a tray, and even getting your coffee.

Basic experimental versions of ASIMO were created beginning in 1986.

The E0 (1986) model was able to walk in a straight line at about 5 seconds per step. E1 (1987), a bit larger, was able to walk at .25 km/h. With the integration of dynamic movement, E2’s (1989) pace quickened to 1.2 km/h. In 1991, E3’s speed reached that of a human’s walk: 3 km/h. By lengthening the knee, E4 (1991) increased to 4.7 km/h. The 1992 E5 model gained the ability to walk by itself while the 1993 E6 model could walk up stairs and walk over objects.

Between 1993 and 1997, ASIMO prototypes greatly improved. Battery life increased, the robot itself continued to look more and more human-like, and capabilities were enhanced.

For a more interactive approach to learning about ASIMO, feel free to check out History of Humanoids.

In 2000, ASIMO was unveiled. By now, Honda had upgraded their little robot quite a bit. ASIMO now had facial recognition, environment recognition, the ability to distinguish between sounds, recognition of moving objects, and recognition of postures and gestures. ASIMO was again enhanced in 2004 and most recently in 2005.

In recent news, ASIMO has accomplished a great deal:

ASIMO conducts an orchestra

ASIMO dances

ASIMO does a bunch of stuff (compilation)

ASIMO is definitely something to keep an eye out for in the news. It won’t be long before we can’t tell the difference between an ASIMO and actual human. (Hooray for the future!)

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