Moore’s Meta-law (Kenneth Hurst)

One of the most interesting points of the last lecture was the ‘cycles of innovation’ graph. Admittedly somewhat subjectively measured, it is pretty objective overall — that is, a lot of really good ways of measuring will produce a similar graph. The most interesting part of the graph was that the cycles get closer and closer, which is to say that the pace of innovation is increasing.

Exponential technological growth is well known to annyone familiar with Moore’s Law. That this law is applicable to many other fields is not so well known. And that the pace of this growth itself grows exponentially is even more amazing. In his 2005 book The Singualarity is Near, Ray Kurzweil¬†argues that this point is especially important for computing power on its way to matching (and surpassing) human intelligence.

This exponential growth is what makes the Two Cultures so important — if technology advances exponentially and art stagnates, alone in its corner, the Two Cultures become the Two Species. Keeping close ties is not just important, it’s vital for the survival of art, lest it get left behind, the retarded step-child of spiritual machines.

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