And tonight, we take over the world! by Lucie Stein-Cartford

Nanotechnology has a lot of relevant and interesting applications, which will only increase as our understanding of the technology and technique develop. I think some of the most fascinating applications for nanotech are in the medical field, in which we could conceivably utilize nanobots for everything from treating cancer in its initial stages, to monitoring critically ill patients, to performing delicate surgeries. I would also be interested to see what kinds of brain research could be done with nanobots.

One of the other applications that I’m especially fond of is cleaning up oil spills. I believe technology of this sort already exists in some form, but it would be incredible to have an army of nanobots that could “eat” oil slicks–and even more amazing to make nanobots that would be able to synthesize the oil, and produce a benign product. From there, perhaps it would be possible to release nanobots into the atmosphere that could help us clean up the pollutant emissions that have suffused the air.  My main question for both of these applications is: how do the bots know when to stop? And how do we re-collect them? Hopefully we’ll find the answers in the next decade or so.

Now, all of these scientific applications are fine and good…but if you really want to have fun, why not take over the world with nanobots? has a great how-to video for any interested parties: Taking Over the World, Nanotech style

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