Week8_Space by Manuel Aleman

            Space is composed of the empty spaces in the universe, but there is no clear boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and space because the density of the atmosphere gradually decreases as you go higher in altitude.  Space has always fascinated man, but people did not start research space exploration until the 1950’s.  It began with The Space Race.  The Space Race was a competition to explore space between the United States and the Soviet Union, which lasted from 1957 to 1975.  The Space Race included efforts to explore outer space, to send humans to space, and to land them on the moon.  The Space Race began with the launch of the Soviet satellite, named Sputnik.

            Space technology became an important subject because of its potential military applications and the morale-boosting social benefits.  In 1957 the Sputnik was successfully launched by the Soviet Union.  The Sputnik caused fear and caused political debate in the United States because of its military and economic implications.  The United States a huge effort to regain technology supremacy.  Nearly four months after the launching of the Sputnik, the United States launched its first satellite, named Explorer 1.  The bureaucracy and huge expenditures needed to organize space exploration led to the creation of national space agencies.  The United States and Soviet Union only established programs focused only on the scientific and industrial requirements for these efforts.    

While the start of The Space Race can clearly be defined as the launching of the Sputnik, the end of The Space Race is more debatable.  After the Apollo moon landing, scientists turned to new areas of space exploration, such as the Skylab which was to collect data from space, and the Space Shuttle which was intended to return spaceships intact from space journeys.  The Space Race slowed after the Apollo landing.  Most consider the Apollo-Soyuz mission the end of The Space Race.  The Soviet Soyuz 19 met and docked with American’s Apollo.  This allowed the astronauts to pass into each other’s ships and participate in combined experiments.  Russians claimed that by first sending a man into space they had won the unofficial “race”, but Americans claim by first landing a man on the moon they had won. 

Abstract: I was thinking of continuing my midterm’s idea and establishing a small colony on the moon, where replicas of the world’s most famous monuments and skyscrapers would be built.  I still need to think of ideas of how to connect all of the chapters to my idea.

Manuel Aleman

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