Week 8_Space and Final Proposal by Joseph Duy Nguyen

Space has been referred to by a variety of names- from the final frontier to the celestial heavens. From early history to the present day, space never ceases to amaze and to stir up curiosity in people. One of the main reasons is that it is so vast and undefined in nature that a thorough understanding of it becomes nearly impossible. Another reason for its importance to humans is the thought of another “Earth” existing somewhere out there in space. If space can be described by one word, I would choose limitless.

With space, there are many possibilities as well as many risks. Artists and scientists alike have explored these possibilities and risks through their work. Scientists have succeeded in placing a man on another celestial body besides the Earth-the moon. This was a dream to many before it actually happened. Nowadays, there are even tourists’ excursions outside of Earth’s gravity field, around the moon, and on the International Space Station.

What most likely sparked the huge leap in space exploration is the space race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. The Space Race has transformed dreams of mankind to reality. Most of the credit goes to scientists. On the other hand, artists have explored the idea of living and interacting with space and its inhabitants for quite some time. It is interesting how many of the artists’ works show rather a dismal result of alien interaction. Many artworks tend to play into the idea of an invasion by Martians. I think many of it has nothing to do with artists portraying their belief but more of the belief of the general public. It is ironic how people are always trying to find life on other planets but then again keep portraying aliens’ interactions in a negative light.

Here are two links to interesting space artworks by artists:



One of the issues in regards to space exploration is the problem of space junk. With continuing research and exploration on space, humans have once again become as irresponsible with space as they have with Earth. Humans are increasingly damaging the very environment they live in with all the air, water, and land pollution. But polluting the Earth is not enough for humans. Now there is the problem with having too many man-made junk out there in space. Most of the space trash has to do with discarded or disabled satellites put up into orbit around the Earth by developed nations. I find it very troubling that the agencies that put up those satellites are able to afford the launching of the satellites but do not have enough resource to properly dispose of them. From my perspective, if this keeps up, then the safety of the astronauts will be compromised. Space shuttles will need to avoid satellite debris. I just hope that people will be more responsible especially in the field of space. Below is an artist’s depiction of what it would be like for Earth with all the space trash:

An artist rendering of projected space junks orbiting Earth.

An artist rendering of projected space junks orbiting Earth.

Gil Kuno’s presentation last Thursday during class was somewhat interesting for me. I felt that his projects were not unique enough. I am not an artist or anything like that, but I feel that an artist’s artwork should be a creative piece of work that has not been thought out by others. For example, dropping slinkies down the stairs has been done by many kids. He was just expanding on that idea. On the bright side, some of his other projects were pretty interesting, such as the pogo music artwork.

For my final project, I am proposing to create a new method of travel that puts a lot less stress on people as well as the environment. The new method of travel will use cloning teleportation as the means of travel. There will be a stall where an object of interest, such as a human, will enter. Inside the stall, a laser pulse will initiate the teleportation of the object. The human body will be broken down into subatomic particles for teleportation, and the information describing the observed state of the body will be transmitted to a remote location via the usage of photons. At the destination, an exact replica will be reconstituted and rematerialized using the data sent and the material matter present at the location. The mechanism for the process will most likely be very complex. However, laser pulses will initiate the process. The laser will be driven by a nuclear reaction that generates photons which will be transported to the device to excite the laser. This project involves the understanding of all the topics we discussed in class. This invention may revolutionized society’s lifestyle.

-Joseph Duy Nguyen

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