Week 8: Art+ space ~ Rocio Flores

After listening to the professor’s lecture on Tuesday it had me inquiry, how space plays a role in art? After a couple of searches on Google I discovered that space plays a key role for many artists, they use it to portray the environment of space to all of us, however space also creates its own art.

Space has been put in the hands of the artist. In my Google search I discovered how space has been put in the hands of many artists and how they utilize it. The art these artists portray is known as Astronomical Art. The artists within in this area of art, portray the environment of space as a new frontier for us humans, they develop images of space such as the aliens world and black holes. The way these artist gather knowledge on how to draw what they desire for science is, they look at the object up close or seek experts in the field. By gathering such information they are able to accentuate the elements they want to portray. These artists use to publish their work before in science fiction magazines, however now their work can now be seen in many astronomy magazines. One of the works is that of Albrecht Altdolfer called battle of issues, this portrayed is one of the first to display the curvature of the earth.

Battle of issus

However space can also be art within itself, as you will see on this YouTube video below. ( Space+ Art) Space itself creates many magnificent images, can be seen through the images gathered from NASA, like nature. Nature holds the golden ratio to define its beauty, while space itself holds gases and many starts that create a serene and magnificent atmosphere to look at. As an environmentalist, I enjoy looking and exploring nature, for example Yosemite. Now having the understanding that beauty is seen in outer space, as portrayed in the video above, I will hold a much greater appreciation for space similar to that that I hold for nature here on earth.

In addition, I would like to add that this class has allowed me to see art in various forms, before I thought art was just painting and I didn’t know that much had to go on before the art piece was completed, such as thinking what is trying to be expressed and how it should be expressed. The guest speaker on Thursday allowed me to enhance my understanding of art through his piece. In his piece he utilized a slinky and a latter to created sound for art, and he did however the end piece also resulted on a second piece of art. His work allowed me to understand that art exists in various forms and can be expressed in various forms, such as in the creation of sound, in space and mathematical science.

Now I also have an understanding why the professor wants us to create a bridge between north and south campus. The reason being is that it wants to create a flow of ideas that make us utilize and experience this world in many different ways.


Decreasing the amount of green house gasses into the atmosphere has had no success for the US. The construction and public display of a carnival promoting the decrease the emission of green house gases, will allow the consumer to experience the harm, done by the emission of green house gases by factories through their smoke stacks, to the surroundings. The project is created to educate the citizens of all ages as well as those, in the industrial business, about the health issues that result with emission of green house gasses, with the desire of an implementation of an enhanced smoke stack design that will lower the emission of green house gasses.

~Rocio Flores

2 Responses to “Week 8: Art+ space ~ Rocio Flores”

  1. Hi There,

    I have used space in my own pictures/paintings to convey something that is beyond complete comprehension beyond the little space that we humans live in, our world, something far bigger than us.

    Space has also been used in songs to convey smiler ideas.

    Example by a band called Hawkwind.

    Space is infinite, it is dark, stars occupy minute areas of space, they are clustered a few billion hear and a few billion there as if seeking constellation in numbers, space does not care, space is an undeniable fact.

    Hope this adds a little to your thinking, Gareth.

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