Week 8 - Space, by Jonathan Diamond

Space, the final frontier, has baffled even humanity’s most brilliant minds, for the entirety of history.  From ancient times, to the present, there have always been, and will always be things that will remain a mystery.  One of the things that I find particularly ridiculous is just how large the universe truly is.  Granted, there is a debate about whether the universe is expanding, contracting, decelerating, or whatever else, but as it stands, the Universe is currently 78 billion light years across.  That is that is 78 billion years of something moving at the speed of light (ridiculous).  This video describes how this fact was discovered (in 1995): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c__Q5ZMsOqQ [Oh and just a warning… in the middle of the movie there is a rather rotund fellow who decides to dance, nevertheless it is very informative].   Due to the immensity of the universe, even light, the fastest moving “thing” takes significant periods of time to arrive at different destinations.  The energy in the sunlight we see today started out in the core of the Sun 30,000 years ago— it spent most of this time passing through the dense atoms that make up the sun, then once it clears the solar atmosphere it takes 8 minutes to reach us.  This also brings up another interesting notion.  We really have no idea what is occurring throughout the universe, even if we “think” we are taking pictures of the universe around us.  The light (or the things the lights bounces off of) that we see (i.e. the sun, stars, planets, galaxies, etc.) are actually billions of years old.  If the sun were to explode, we would not know for a whole 8 minutes.  Thus, when we look at distant stars, and their respective planets, not seeing life does not mean life does not now exist.  It took us mere two billion [or less] years to evolve—the light and images we see can be tens of billions of years old.  Carl Sagan speaks of this idea—the notion that life doesn’t exist is almost ignorant to hypothesize.  I personally agree with Sagan, I think the idea that we are alone in the universe is almost idiotic.

On an unrelated topic, I found the movie shown about the ten dimensions absolutely fascinating.   I have been interested in dimension defining, string theory, M-theory, etc. for quite some time, however I have never seen a film that depicts that so succinctly illustrates the difference between dimensions.  Another film I find interesting is another youtube video about M-theory (the most recent strong theory development.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7FV9aaiwKQ&feature=PlayList&p=5E10896E619BF48F&index=0&playnext=1.  Of all the theories presented, this one is seriously mind blowing. 



Project proposal – Abstract:

The purpose of the project is simply to educate participants regarding the truth surrounding psychedelic drugs— attempting to eliminate existing societal dysphemisms making the mere notion of a drug taboo.  The project will be a twofold experience.  The first phase will help participants understand the background/history to psychedelics, the true bodily/mental impacts after use, the simple impartial reasons why intelligent individuals use these commodities, and lastly why society currently shuns the use of these commodities.  The second phase will involve participants in a three part three-dimensional visualization experience of three of the primary reasons/effects of psychedelic drug use, further solidifying the legitimacy of psychedelics.  These three effects are: Ego loss, synesthesia, and blind connection between people.


By, Jonathan Diamond

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  1. mmfiore says:

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