Week 8_Space by nolan nishimura

Outer space has always been referred to as the final frontier due to the fact that it is vast and its entirety cannot be seen, only imagined. The lack of knowledge of space makes it all the more wondrous and mysterious, drawing in scientists and artists alike to explore the idea of the vast, boundless universe. As technology becomes more advance, our understanding of the world around us gets better. Through this understanding, it can be possible to explain how everything started, an idea often debated in science. One theory called the Big Bang was first proposed by Georges Lemaitre. Georges was an interesting person in the sense that he was both a priest and a scientist. He strayed from the idea of a higher entity creating our universe and instead explained its creation using Einstein’s theory of relativity. The Big Bang basically explains that the universe was first an extremely dense and hot state. It then expanded into what we know as the present universe.

Apart from the scientific explanations and rationalizations of how the universe possibly formed, artists can explore the idea as well. Films often incorporate space due to the fact that space can be said to be “up for grabs.” So little is known which promotes many theoretical explanations and happenings to be used. For example, the film The Day the Earth Stood Still is a story about an alien coming to Earth to stop the humans from destroying their planet. It is then found out that the aliens probably control more planets than just Earth, possibly creating them, and make decisions about the planet in order to preserve its wellbeing, in this case destroying the humans. Although this explanation for the possible creation of the earth and the universe is highly improbable, it could still be theoretically possible. We may never know how the universe was created due to a lack of evidence that probably disappeared sometime along the lifetime of the universe.

The idea of space as the final frontier is also interesting due to human nature. As humans we like to conquer new areas and control them, as noted from our history. The Europeans sent out ships to explore the new land across the ocean in order to conquer them in the name of their countries. Then the Americans pushed the Native Americans westward when they expanded across the North American Continent. Now that all the land has been taken, there is no more frontier for us to conquer. Space can fill in this gap. There has already been a race to build satellites and rockets that reach outer space around the time of the cold war. This was popularly called the “Star Wars” era in which Russia and USA competed to send things out into space, as seen in class. The giant enigma that is space will continue to pull in our attention due to the big unknown that it presents.

This is an artist named Robert E. Gilbert who often created images for science fiction articles during the 1950s through the 1970s. His images were his representation and his ideas of what is out there in the universe. http://www.folkartisans.com/reg/index.html

Nolan Nishimura

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