Week 8: Space and Heaven. (And project proposal) by selenni cisneros

When I was younger, my mom used to convince me to behave myself by telling me “Si no te comportas, Dios va ha saver, y no vaz ha ir al Cielo.” In other words, she’d say, “Behave yourself, or God will know, and you won’t get into Heaven.” Once she said this, I’d turn into an angel and behave the best I could. I wanted to go to Heaven. Then, I’d look up at the sky, see the white clouds, think, “There is Heaven…” and wonder what it looked like. I really believed Heaven was in the sky. As I grew older, and became more skeptical of Heaven, I learned that scientifically, there can’t be a Heaven in the sky. Then I thought, maybe Heaven is higher than the sky. But then I thought again… And realized there can’t be a Heaven in space. After that, I became fascinated with outerspace. The stars, the moon, our planets, the sun, the galaxy, the Milky Way, it all just caught my eye. Thinking about it it all just makes me feel so small. It makes me wonder what life really is, and whether other types of life exist out there. Just like the Simpsons movie we watched in class, wondering these things make me feel so small. Comparing my life to all the space that is in space, makes me feel like a spec. Going back to the space and Heaven idea, I Googled “Space and Heaven.” A few different articles appeared, but a specific one caught my eye. The title of this article is “Dark Sky Movement: Fighting to Save Our View of Heaven.” It presented in Space.com, and talks about the sky and Los Angeles. The article begins by saying how celestial stars are rare in here, and it is more common to stumble upon a famous movie star than a celestial star. According to the article, if you stand outside of Griffith Observatory, you will see a gleaming in the sky, but it will most likely be a jet or a helicopter in the sky making the gleam. Not only this, but a few miles away, at the Mount Wilson Observatory, the sight isn’t much better. Although is is a major observatory, it is highly light-polluted. But, as long as there are artifical lights, there will light polluting our space. According to Dr. Tim Hunter, co-founder of the International Dark-Sky Association, this pollution is worse than ever. The IDA is a group whose sole purpose is to decrease and better light pollution in order to preserve the nocturnal enviroment, and save our views of the beautiful and Heavenly night sky and space. And according to the website, you can view the areas where light pollution is the most abundant. (I have attached the photo below.) But, this problem can be bettered and decreased. You yourself can help as well. Only use light when you need it! Turn off the lights if you leave the room, for example. While this small effort can help, others are helping majorly. Sallie Baliunas helped to lobby a plan to light up an entire bridge measuring longer than a mile in Los Angeles. If this bridge had been lit as planned, it would have lit up a large portion of the sky, not allowing it to be viewed by astronomers as well as the entire public. This problem is ongoing, but remember, every little bit helps. So next time, turn off that light and help!

By selenni cisneros

Project Proposal:

After the creation of the online website titled “Antiplastic.com,”  I will create an exhibition dedicated to protest plastic surgery, in order to continue the efforts of the website and take those efforts to the next level, and perhaps a more effective level. The exhibition will travel the world, mainly showing in cities with high rates of surgical cosmetic surgery. The exhibition will showcase extremely and drastically life-like creations of human bodies who have undergone plastic surgery and obtained an unhealthy, unnatural outcome. While the exposition will display simple plastic surgery errors, it will also show extreme errors, as well as examples of where plastic surgery has gone too far. This exhibition will be titled “The Plastic World.” Audiences will be able to physically and personally view replicas of human bodies that have been modified horribly by plastic surgery, all in one room, at one single time, and in 3-D.

By selenni cisneros

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