week 8. Gil, Randomness in art, space by Dwayne Myhre

Creative art is an interesting field to get into because it is a field that is completely objective; there is no right or wrong answer and there is no proof to claim that a piece of art is art or isn’t art.  Essentially it is an interpretative field that will always be appreciated by those who understand the art and will always be rejected by those who see the world as black or white.  What I am trying to get at here concerns the work of Gil Kuno of unsound.  While I think that it is great that he is expressing his creativity by use of say pig intestine or onions, I really do not understand what he is trying to get at with this art.  To be quite honest, such projects as the “European Onion” and the “Slinky Piece” seem rather juvenile because they don’t really require much skill or thought to accomplish.  Let’s be frank; dropping hundreds of slinky’s down a ladder? It is hardly an accomplishment one should be incredibly proud of because there is no meaning behind such an artwork for the artist…even someone such as I could accomplish such a feat because I am simply dropping sliky’s down a ladder.  I can understand some of Gil’s projects to be considered art, such as the music created by the Six String Sonics.  Not only does this project take thought and management, such as logistics, getting musicians, and coordinating the music arrangements, but it also requires the use of music, which is in itself an art.  In short, art should not just be something random that anyone can create; it should be something that has a personal touch, a personal meaning that is reflected by the artists, and only that artist, in the art.  I truly believe that is what art is, something that comes from the heart and can never be replicated by another person.

While some may argue that chance and randomness can be considered an art, such as with some of Gil’s pieces and the works of Jackson Pollock, I do not officially consider them art.  Maybe they did come from the heart of the artist, but how can that be when all that is done is art is left to chance?  Essentially, spilling buckets of paint in random spots and hoping for a result is the result of most of Pollock’s works.  He did not necessarily create something that was his own because people have been throwing paint down of paper and on walls for centuries.  Using the most cliché argument, anyone can create a random piece, and if anyone can create it then how is it art, how is it one artist’s art.  Although it may be beautiful, it is not art.

Before I leave this blog, I would like to make a short comment on art and space since such a topic was brought up in lecture.  I think that there is much validity in that art has influenced the expansion/knowledge of space and in vise versa space has had the same impact on art.  For example, we see this in films such as “Star Wars” or “E.T.” through the creation of such aliens, costumes, and transportations that may be in the used in space.  In addition, the science fiction worlds created hold a basis in art because they are a creation from one’s mind and provide a beauty to be withheld by all.  Thus, there is a connection between art and space.

Getting back to my displeasure of randomness as art, I would like to post a link that I found useful.

Final Abstract Proposal

Currently, people of all ages use drugs for experimental reasons, recreational reasons, or because they are so addicted to the drugs they cannot get off them.  In order to combat such a disaster of drug use people must understand the effects that drugs will do to their body and they must learn about them before they begin to take drugs.  There must be a “shock value” in learning so as to make sure people will never want to take a drug.  It is my hope that by creating a 3D simulation ride, the participants will virtually enter into the human body and experience the effects that drinking and smoking have on the body.  The purpose of such an attraction is to not only teach people what is actually going on in ones body as alcohol and tobacco are consumed, but also to bring forth the negative effects of drugs in order to convince people not to drink or smoke.  With such an experience, the negatives of drug use will outweigh any possible “positive” effects of drug usage.

By Dwayne Myhre

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