Drugs for a better future by Brendan Ryan

Tom cruise said that pharmaceutical drugs only mask the problem, and that’s what’s wrong with them. I have to ask, why is that not just as good? Treating the symptoms effectively is just as good as taking out the cause really? If I had a cold (I do) and the symptoms of it were that I felt totally regular all the time (they aren’t) then I really wouldn’t mind getting sick. In the same way that If I can get so depressed that I just want to do all the same things I normally do that’s also fine. I don’t really get Tom’s argument against pharmaceuticals because masked problems are not really problems.

I have heard about a drug called piracetam which is over the counter, and is used to increase memory and pretty much make people smarter. You can read the Wikipedia article about it here:


It is impossible to compete at the professional level in spelling bees without the aid of this drug (not a joke). Pretty much every contestant you see, meaning children, will be on piracetam. Also a friend of mine is trying the drug as an experiment to see if it is really the wonder drug it is supposed to be. Because of its widespread popularity among spelling bee contestants and boggle players (also not a joke) the drug shows, to me, great promise. Very opposite to Tom Cruise’s cautionary remark “We don’t want to end up in a Brave New World” to try and keep people away from drugs, I think drugs like piracetam could play a role in a better brighter future. It is very recently that the technology to make drugs like these developed but now I think it could create a kind of snowball effect where making things that make people smarter could be the way of the future. Piracetam could be just the beginning soon we could increase our brainpower ten fold! Tom Cruise sees the Brave New World side of drugs, whereas I see the Men Like Gods side.

Anyways, so the drug piracetam increases your memory and cognitive functions, but did you know that there is a man out there with no memory at all? His name is Clive Wearing and this is what it is like:

The man with no memory

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