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Week 8_Space_Wenjing Wu

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

 In this week, we learned again from the informative materials that man’s endless curiosity and ambition towards the discovery and competition in the outer space. When one after another wonder became reality—Apollo Program enabled human being to see the Earth from the Moon; Hubble Space Telescope constantly expanded the view of mankind; “Courage” the Mars Explorer revealed to human the mysterious surface of Mars—more wonders poped up and motivated further researches. After Tuesday’s lecture I had a question in my head: “Yes, we have amazingly advanced space technology. But what does that have to do with art? Should be something more than a drifting green sculpture and desktop graphic backgrounds.” 


alan-beanLuckily, on Thursday, guest speaker Gil Kuno answered my question at the beginning of his lecture: In all the phrases that about space—time, continuum, entropy, chaos, random, chance—he showed us the chance in art. Aside from his own extrordinary works on sounds, I found other works introduced by him are extremely fascinating as well. The most impressive one to me is the art piece that switches pictures on the screen when sensing pressure from hands. After class, I also found a website for exploring space art(I even found blogs from our course), presenting many space artists, including the former Moon walker Alan Bean. Now I see the inspiration from science and technology could be much richer than my imagination.


Abstract of the final project:

Ispired by the “Gravity and Resistance”and some materials on space biotechnology, I have an idea of creating “Unseen Jewelry” using protein and virus crystals formed under microgravity in outer space. X-ray diffraction applied to crystals is a powerful technology for analyzing the structure of proteins and viruses. The quality and detail of the X-ray crystallography is directly dependent on the size and perfection of the crystal used. Experiments have proved that when grow in a gravity-free environment more perfect cystals will be yielded, which allows scientists to understand better about the biological macromolecules. It would be great to put these astonishingly beautiful crystals on auction to raise money for relevant researches.


Is anyone out there-by Alan Bean

Is anyone out there-by Alan Bean