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Week 8_Feb. 24th, 2009 Jim Hutchison’s lecture

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

20090224-Prof. Jim Hutchison on Greener Products via Nanoscience By the time I hurried to the auditorium at CNSI, the lecture Greener Nanoscience: Designing Safer Products and Cleaner Processes had already begun for 10 minutes. Prof. Jim Hutchison was presenting the Target structure of nano materials: 2 nm islands with 2 nm separation.In the nearly one-hour lecture, Prof. Hutchison talked on the growing concern about the potential health and environmental impacts of production and use of nanoscale products. He also introduced “Risk=f(Hazard, Exposure)” to illustrate the necessisity of designing effective and safe nano products with desired physical characteristics. The core of his lecture is how to apply Green Chemistry priciples, like avoiding incorporation of toxic elements; employing dimensional bracketing to guide initial material selecting, and so forth, on “tuning the properties of nanoparticles and develop more efficient, greener approaches to nanoparticle synthesis/manufacture”. During the lecture Prof. Hutchison also introduced a couple of institutes and projects that are focusing on the same issue, such as the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute [ONAMI], Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing Initiative [SNNI ], and the comprehensive materials characterization center at the University of Oregon[CAMCOR]. By the way, the CAMCOR is offering excellent opportunity for internships, too.

There were two things very impressive I found in Prof. Hutchison’s lecture. One of them is the application of nanoscience on creating the antibiotic fabric. According to Prof. Hutchison, they are trying to synthesis silver nanoparticles and to combine this technology with clothing. I guess we don’t have to spend that much on laudry by the time this kind of clothes can be manufactured through green and economic process. Exciting, isn’t it? Another point Prof. Hutchison mentioned was that an undergraduate student, Scott Sweeney, helped the lab by discovering a rapid method in purifying and size separating of gold nanoparticles via diafiltration. Using the new method, less time-consuming and cheaper manufacture of nano products can be expected in a short future. In a word, Prof. Hutchison’s lecture was very inspiring and for artists and product designers this could be a brand new stage.20090224-e58c96e5ada6e7bab3e7b1b3e4baa7e59381e8aeb2e5baa7-003