Week 4 Body & Medicine Oath, By Isaac Arjonilla

In this week’s blog entries we were required to write an oath for our major, the only problem would be finding a major I actually want to commit to. I am currently enrolled as Biology major, but I am not entirely sure of it.

I swear that as a Biologist I will fulfill this oath to the best of my abilities:


I will constantly try to better the world through the means of science, and ethics.


I will follow the research done by Biologists before me and I will do my best to further that research. I will never use my knowledge to do harm onto anyone.


I will never harm any other living being, and any knowledge and research I will share with my other peers in order to further develop the scientific community.


I will always act as a professional under any circumstance, take pride in my work, and respect all of my peers, and fellow scientists.

As god as my witness , I will not do anything that will harm or violate any part of the oath I have just given. With time,I will hopefully help people, improve society, and make a change in the world, one that is severely needed.

Celebrate the World

-Isaac Arjonilla

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