Week 4-Human Body and Medicine by Matt Kramer

This week’s lecture and focus on the human body and the practicing of medicine as it’s related to art was very interesting.  Since the time of the creation of the Hippocratic Oath in 4th century B.C., people have believed that physicians and surgeons treat their work as art.  Paying extremely close attention to detail in order to treat their patients like works of art, making sure not to make mistakes, and keeping them safe.  

I have never been one to be extremely comfortable with the human anatomy.  Talk of blood and guts and organs always seemed to, embarrassingly, creep me out.  But, after this week’s lecture I have started to become a little more comfortable with the interior of human bodies and realize how they can be appreciated and used to portray something beautiful.  The human body itself is beautiful and it can also be a beautiful piece of art as well.  I had gone to the “Body Worlds” art exhibit when I was in high school, but I had never appreciated the cadavers and skeletons and such to be more than just that.  I had not been able to see the real beauty and art-form in them.  But when Professor Vesna brought the exhibit up in class I began to remember my trip there, and how it really was something “cool” and spectacular.  


I had always thought that the human body as it was portrayed externally, and in photography, was something to marvel at, but not until now could I be somewhat comfortable with the internal human.  But it really is something amazing, that we as humans, have so many different body parts and organs that all have their own separate functions, but when working together, create something as complex and powerful as the average human is.  The human body truly is a work of art.  


I even came across a photo of someone who had tattooed on their arm, what the inside of the arm would look like.  It is actually done really well and leads me and I’m sure many others to appreciate the beauty of the human body.  Even just the muscles and veins that are portrayed, are so detailed and vivid.  


In an age where people are so concerned with how they look, in terms of contemporary judgments on beauty, it is important for people to realize that beauty comes in many forms, and the human body is always something extremely marvelous and unique.  Plastic surgery can only do so much for a person, and it is imperative that people appreciate their bodies for what they are.

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