Week 4: A Filmmaker’s Oath by Ryan Andre Magsino

Our Eyes, "the ultimate image recorder"?

Our Eyes, "the ultimate image recorder"?

Week 4: A Filmmaker’s Oath (Draft) by Ryan Andre Magsino

Although I have yet to proclaim a major/field of study, cinematography has always been one of my peak interests. From screenwriting to filming to editing, there are multitudes of techniques and reasoning behind them. Keeping in mind that the Hippocratic Oath was aimed toward the ethical practice of medicine, I too have drafted a somewhat similar oath but in relation to the the role of a filmmaker.

“I swear to upkeep, to the best of my ability and creativity, the following assertions:

I will respect the well-earned artistic feats of filmmakers in whose path I follow, and will gladly allow others who follow my path to bask in the knowledge of my own artistry.

I will incorporate, for the benefit of humanity, visual aesthetics in an attempt to appeal to the senses and emotions of a given audience.

I will recall that there is a science to film, not merely just an art, and that light exposure, camera focus and auditory resonance may overtake the screenwriter’s script or the editor’s planned rearrangement.

I will not be ashamed to state “I am unable,” nor will I merely compromise to such thought without ascertaining the extent of my resources.

I will respect the freedoms and rights of those portrayed in the footage so long as they allow me the freedom and right to pursue my own freedom of speech.

I will prevent unpreparedness whenever I can, albeit bringing a fully-charged spare battery, additional blank tapes, camera mount(s), proper lighting,…etc.

I will bear in mind that I too remain a member of society. As such, I hold the duty to contribute back by bettering or pleasing said society. (i.e. Producing footage that inspires or awes others)

So long as I do not violate this oath, allow me to take pleasure in life and art. May I be respected and revered not only for the product of my profession but for the thought put into producing it. Lastly, allow me to continue living through the thrills of filmmaking so as to stir others.”

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