Week 4 - Human Body and Medicine - Destiny Johnson

My major is history and I would like to become a researcher/entertainment lawyer after I graduate:

I swear to find the answers to the questions that would affect people’s lives in a positive manner. I want to be able to answer the questions that have never been attempted before in order to gain a better understainding of the world.

I promise to not to acquire knowledge for myself but to share it with the world in books and even lectures with people who would also like to learn more about historical subjects.

I will not challenge previously known facts for the sake of being right but for the sake of developing a better understanding in order to help the community around me.

I will become not always a teacher but a continuous student of history. I promise to always listen to others opinions and never appear to be disinterested as if invalidating their side of the story.

I promise to become not only a researcher/student of history in European studies but also in African/African American studies in order to keep in touch with my own culture and know more about where I came from instead of always where others have come.

I solemnly swear to be humble however successful or knowledgeable I become and to use my talents unto God’s glory by using history also as a means of knowing more about a spiritual life with God and how the bible affects me today. In honor of him I will not use my talents to be selfish, for the sake of  wealth and to never harm people with negative,dishonest facts that I could write about my neighbor.

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