Week 4_My Oath_Wenjing Wu

I would like to be a product designer for electronics after graduation. And my oath will go like this:

I solemnly swear that as a product designer I will fullfill this Oath:

I will keep being creative in each piece of my work and do my best to satisfy my clients’ expectations. I will never consider any of my work as fully completed, since I will continuously improve my technique and add immaterial value to my products.

I will share my professional knowledge and insight with my colleagues and peers, as long as it will result in better user experience. I will not arbitrarily warp a customer’s wishes or needs to suit my own desires.

I will respect the ethical principles present in my field.

I will be awesome. 

In the end, I will never violate any the previous statements. Should I do so, I will not be able to enjoy my life and art. May I follow this oath and be an awesome product designer and never have to write another oath again in my life.

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