Week 4-Body & Medicine by Jackielyn Lacanilao

       This weeks lecture on body and medicine quickly caught my attention to how in today’s society, many are without health care. Professor Vesna touched on the topic of pharmaceuticals and how ridiculously expensive they cost =/ A recent documentary by Micheal Moore, “Sicko”, followed the lives of those who live without health insurance. In one case, there is an old woman from New York  who is battling cancer and does not have the insurance to cover for chemotherapy. She traveled all the way to Puerto Rico to receive free healthcare services she was not given back home. Here is the link to a preview of Sicko: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlDAUKSh9CQ. Hopefully, under President Obama’s administration, universal health care can be resolved and become available to everyone either rich or poor. How can people recieve health care when the health care industry is denying people? When people are denied healthcare, the health industry receives profit! America stands as # 37 under World Health Organization’s Ranking. Other countries such as Australia, practice universal health care…Why can’t we??

        Professor Vesna also brushed on the topic of plastic surgery. We live ina society where people are not satisfied with their outward appearance. These people, specifically women, are not fully satisfied with their look and therefore let surgeons play “tick tack toe” on their bodies. I guess to plastic surgeons, the body is perceived as art. In the modern oath written by Louis Lasagna states: “I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.” Plastic surgery is a form of art in the medical field. Sure, the self esteem of the patient goes up, but their money indeed declines. The hit show, “Nip Tuck” shows two wealthy plastic surgeons that change or modify the patient’s body to satisfy themselves or another person. This type of human dissection should not take place because we should all be content with how we look. Celebrities go under the knife to change their career because they see it as a flaw. These so called “flaws” are what makes us different from everyone else. There would not be diversity in a world where everyone desired to look like Angelina Jolie. Ashlee Simpson claimed it was a “personal choice” to have rhinoplasty.

Ashlee Simpson

Nip Tuck
       Medical Ethics (Hippocratic Oath) The Hippocratic oath has been used for centuries, and was created to provide standards for physicians in the past. The oath is still used today, but it is usually a revised version of the oath. There are opposing views on rather the oath should have been “modernized” or not, and rather the new “modernized” oath is equivalent to the qualities stressed in the original Oath. The oath has been used through decades and most medical schools to this day take a type of the Hippocratic oath. This oath has stood the test of time, but does undoubtedly need the reforms that have been applied through the years. Many argue that it is a tradition and should not be changed, but with advancing technology some parts must be changed. One aspect that should not be changed in the Hippocratic oath is “do no harm.” Doctors have control over many peoples lives daily, which provides them the knowledge and opportunity to either heal or kill. There have been organizations formed attempting to keep the morals of the Hippocratic oath “alive’. The modernized version is needed in order to advance with technology. Our technology is much more sufficient now, the medical area has developed more tests, medications, and surgeries. According to the original version of the oath doesn’t allow surgical procedures. Another main issue is that many of the new oaths do not address the fact of abortion, euthanasia, and sexual relations with patients. It is a doctor’s choice rather he or she wants to perform these acts, rather it is morally correct to them or not.I believe the oath should be modified to fit today’s society where technology is rapidly changing.

Jackielyn Lacanilao

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