Week 4-My Oath by Justine Hicks

Well, since I want to be a primary or secondary school teacher, my oath would go a little something like this:

Not only will I teach, but I will also be open to learn from veteran educators and accept any advice that I may receive. In turn, I will be willing to pass on guidance to novice teachers as well.
I will treat each student equally and not show favoritism to any particular students, regardless of how well they perform in class. I will also not discriminate students based on race, gender, religion, or for any other reason.
I will aim to enforce set rules consistently, which will be within reason, and in turn, I will implement appropriate disciplinary action, but will refrain from harsh tactics such as yelling. I will also do my best to ensure that academics are my main priority and will maintain high expectations for my students.
I will treat every day as a new day, and not assume that each student is going to perform the same all the time. If a student constantly misbehaves, I will not give up hope on him or her, rather I will remain encouraging.
If disruption occurs during class, I will immediately try to divert the disruptors’ attention back to the topic being discussed, as to not deprive the rest of the class from learning. I will not humiliate or belittle any student for any reason and will deal with any other problems that arise with students privately.
I will understand that I am the teacher and they are the students. I will not let them talk me out of assignments or quizzes and will uphold my authority.
I will ensure that I set up an environment that will make students feel comfortable learning and make sure they are provided with the necessary resources to succeed in my class. I will always be willing to provide extra help to those who seek it.
I will not let my personal problems interfere with my class and will not discuss with them any issues regarding other students or teachers.
I will make sure my lessons vary and will stray from monotony. I will try to keep my students interested in the subjects so they will be more likely to want to come to class and be more willing to learn.
I will teach to the best of my ability to guarantee that my students are provided with the education they deserve. It will be my responsibility to not only instill them with knowledge, but also to provide them with discipline and skills that will help them in college and later on in life.
I will be passionate about teaching. I will make sure my students understand the value of education, and try to keep them motivated to want to further their education.
If I uphold this oath, then I see myself being a successful teacher. I will be doing what I’ve always desired to do, which is to educate youth, and hopefully, I will love doing it.

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