Week 4-Human Body and Medicine-By Mary Tam

This week’s lecture made me wonder how humans can be art products as well. The idea began when scientists perform human dissection to learn more about the human anatomy. However, it was not only the scientists who had to learn the human anatomy. I find the human anatomy very fascinating too. I remember when I took Anatomy and Physiology in high school, I really enjoyed it. Artists also had to study the human body parts and features. I can understand why artists have to know the human anatomy. They need to learn it so when they draw or paint a person, they would know the proportions of the body and face. I also found it interesting that pharmaceutical companies spend twice as much on promotion than on research and development. They should spend more money on research and development to create new drugs to cure aids, cancers, and other fatal diseases. Research and development is more important. Medicine and art has cross over many times. Plastic surgeries incorporate both art and science. Plastic surgeries are becoming more and more popular today. It is being advertised on television, in magazines, in newspapers, basically everywhere! There are even reality shows such as Dr. 90210 that shows doctors doing plastic surgeries. Professor Vesna showed us a YouTube video on an artist name Orlan. She is a French artist who is famous for her work in plastic surgeries. I found her video kind of gruesome. But I understand how plastic surgery can be art. I believe that plastic surgeons are artists who use tools to perfect someone’s face and body.

Nowadays there are many types of artists. Singers, painters, actors, designers are all artists. Why can’t plastic surgeons be added on the list? Many people today have done some sort of plastic surgery, whether it is cosmetic reconstruction, breast augmentation, liposuction, or Botox injection, there still a large number of people doing surgery. There are many artists and celebrities who did plastic surgeries to make them look more attractive. It makes people think the celebrities are the definition of beauty. I think that plastic surgeons should be applauded for their ability to change the nature of how people look like or what gender they are. Some may think is wrong, but it has helped a lot of people boost their self-confidence. However, some people have become obsessed with plastic surgery. There are many dangers to plastic surgeries. Some have to go back to the doctors to fix what the doctor messed up on. But doctors have to swear on an oath and to not violate this oath. They must “give no deadly medicine to any one if asked.” Doctors know what they are doing and most of them will not harm their patients. Plastic surgeons have to do art on a living thing where as other artists draw, paint, or do something on the computer. With the aid of current science and technology, doctors are more confident in performing surgeries on patients.

By Mary Tam

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