the work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction analysis by joseph hernandez

In Walter Benjamin’s “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” the first thing that popped out to me was that “a work of art has always been reproducible.” Film is an essential part of art and also very reproducible. In the 1950’s, the show “Bewitched” was a very popular show. In 2005, “Bewitched” was remade into a movie. Even though it was not exactly the same media, whether it is a television show or film, it was still basically the same concept.
An interesting point that can be brought up is the progression of technology in media. The show that started in the 1950s originally started as a black and white television show and then progressed into color. The film originally started as color, but in higher definition. Also, the visual quality of the film itself has improved a lot as well. People have been able to enhance to the technology of producing film, including techniques, filming equipment and sound equipment.
Also, an interesting point of reproduction of art is being able to put a new spin on it. Whether it is different hues of colors or brush strokes in paintings, a new angle in photography, music can be played at a different key, but with film specifically it gives it an amazing chance to rejuvenate the script of the film. Not only does it have a new twist, but the film was restructured.
Being able to reproduce art is very important but being able to customize so that it becomes your art. Being able to reinvent the wheel could just be considered reinventing the same art but with a brand new twist, like with Bewitched.


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