Are there any fundamental difference between the north and the south campus students? From my experience with other north campus students, I feel they are generally more talkative, lively, open-minded and somewhat emotional. You can tell from their way of dressing, facial expression, body movement, and tone of speaking. On the other hand, most pf the south campus students are confident on their mathematics. They are calmer, more serious, and usually hard-worker. They can be very talkative and passionate if you guide them. So, I was curios what kind of conversation I’m going to have with some north campus ‘artist’.

Scientist could be artist! The first person I talked with is an artistic-like chemistry major student with long hair and colorful shirt. Though we had a short conversation, we both agree it’s easy to transform a scientist to an artist apparently by just wearing some fashionable clothes and hairstyle. The presentation is the first factor we determine the difference between the scientist and artist. Indeed, the way of presentation is one of the largest difference and stereotype between art and science. However, this is not the fundamental difference.

There was a very interesting artwork exhibition. It’s a series of big speak-like detectors.

LINK OF THE PHOTO:http://www.flickr.com/photos/artsci_ucla/sets/72157612787438331/show/

Every time you pass through a detector, it would produce some noise. As I learned from one of project designers, these detectors are used to detect the virus and unhealthy bacteria on your body. And then, you can see a big while framework made of speakers and pipes. The designer told me it’s bacteria check door like a security check in the airport. And this is where they gained inspiration of this artwork. The designer were trying to show that the harm of bacteria produced by new technology on our body, and affected our health. After the big ’security check’, there are another four speakers similar to the first four speakers. However, they speaks different language. The designer told me again, these detectors firstly detect the bacteria on your body and then inform you the product you have used that have created unhealthy bacteria. The multi-national languages is the presentation of the globalization of the problem. The new technology has brought unhealthy bacteria and made harm to our body while we are using it. The designer tries to arouse people’s attention of the health issue on the new-technology-based products, and alarm the danger of the consuming new products without knowing the technology and theory of science.

Indeed, people tend to believe and regards science and new technology as something absolute right, the unchallenging authority. People do not question new things or some old custom a lot. There are more people like to follow than to question and to challenge. For example, there are more students look down and copy the note than those who hand up and ask question. The ability to think and to create personal understanding on a certain thing is now fading. There are many reasons I believe. Firstly, the social and peer pressure. Creativity and the ability to think need to be cultivated and practiced from childhood. However, the education today has gave children too much pressure. The pressure from large amount of homework, parents’ expectation, peer competition etc. Pressure is a good source of motivation. However, when there is too much, the effect is reverse. The work will consume all the time and leave children no free time to relax and to think. Secondly, there are too much information and theory need to study. Facing such large amount of theories in different fields, science, sociology, history….it’s very hard to think and study each of them carefully and earnestly, since our mental and physical strength is limited. Besides, without abundant experience, it’s very hard to give an opinion. It’s almost impossible to ask a question if you don’t know the materials. Now, I feel I need to re-think of the real difference between the north and the south. Are there any real difference? But before answering my question, I feel necessary to gain some more first hand life experience and study opinion from others! 

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