Week 3, Technology and Nature, Wei-Han OuYang

Revolution is a process that is always going on in so many ways. For example, our technology’s revolution started around the era of industrial revolution and has been advancing more and more rapidly nowadays in the 21st century. Think of it like this: in the beginning of the 19th century, automobiles just started to be produced. Rarely anyone owned a car. But then it starts to get more and more popular and inexpensive. Now we’re living in the 21st century in which airplanes and space ships are really rare. But on the other hand, if our technology keeps advancing this vastly, our grandchildren might own space ships and will be taking field trips out to the space. Just take a prospective as the people living in the era when automobiles were first created and look at the cars and ask the question: wouldn’t it be awesome that I can just jump into that car and be almost anywhere I could imagine and have a little picnic there? And now take a look at those space ships going up into the unknowns and actually imagine that in one or two century, people will own space ships.
When I was a little boy I always imagined that the world that I will be living in when I’m a grownup would be full of talking robots and flying cars. What is so interesting about that thought is that talking robots and flying cars do exist now, just not common in our everyday life. Our technology has been advancing so fast that we have figured that global warming is happening and we are researching the planets around us to determine whether if there is a possibility that us human-beings can be living in another planet. Robots are built to explore the sites that humans are not able to reach nowadays. And the idea of A.I, artificial intelligence scares me sometimes because our technology is so close and there are so many movies and stories out there that warn us about the risk of A.I.
sam-worthington-terminator21Last Tuesday we talked a little about bio-robotics and the movie Blade Runner. Even though there are so much that we know about our world and technology, nature is awesome and we shouldn’t under estimate it.

Invisible Octopus

So far, our technology is able to take out the DNA that makes Jelly fish glow and put it into a rabbit so it glows in the dark. But after watching this video, the octopus can literally disappear in nature if it wants to. Nature is unpredictable. As our technology advances, the nature is evolving and changing to adapt to our ruined world. And these kinds of phenomenon just make the prediction of mind reading creatures more and more possible. Will us humans ever need to use technology to figure out how to read others minds? Like the pictures that we saw in lecture last Tuesday of computers able to read what is going on in a human’s mind and helping blind people see, maybe there exist a creature that can help blind people regain their vision. Who knows, maybe in time we’ll have Spiderman to fight the criminals.

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