week 2_less dimension while more dimension by josh bohbot

for 1000s of years artits have been trying to acheive as realisticly as possible 3 dimension in their art. artists have developped techniques such as the vanishing point, to more greatly improve their illusion. today, with computer graphics we can acheive ultra reaistic 3 dimensional effects, a 3d face can now  look  almost as real as anyones in real life. but our advanced 3d media can also go in the opposite direction. especially in video games and animation, new rendering capabilities  enable artists to take 3d to fake 2 dimesionality. my favorite example is from the game The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, wich was one of the very first games to use this technique

2d looking image, of link on his  boat, completely made with 3d graphics.
this rendering technique is called cel shading. in animation this technique can even go further, by creating outlines around object to give it a cartoon style. http://www.hash.com/amfilms/search/entry.php?entry=609 -this link is a short animation entirely created with cel shading.

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