Week 2_ Math is Artistic by Christine Vu

     Math has snuck itself into the vast world of music and art. Nowadays, artists and musicians are gaining popularity because they have found a way to cater to two very different cultures. Artists and musicians are forced to take on the role as mathematicians in order to offer a new medium for their audience.
     More than ever, math has become a key asset to starting trends. Many young adults are being intrigued by musicians, artists, and scientists who have strayed away from conformity. Musicians, like Tatsuya Yoshida, are now incorporating mathematical formulas into their drumming schemes, something that may very well be appreciated by a math group as well as a rock band. New genres of music, like math rock, are finding its way to the top, offering a new aspect to music. Soon enough, the role of music will shift from being just an entertainment tool to solving a math problem.
     As human beings, it is of our nature to be attracted to anything that challenges our knowledge. This has been evident even in the 1400’s when artist Brunelleschi discovered the idea of the vanishing point. This new concept attracted attention because individual perception of reality was challenged. Even for scientist Albert Einstein, he was puzzled by the integration of space and time. As a result, he discovered the special theory of relativity, integrating his artistic ability to construct a spacetime continuum. This concept was the idea that space was in 3D but time played the role of a 4th dimension. According to “The Fourth Dimesnion and Non-Euclidean Geometry in Modern Art: Conclusion” by Linda Dalrymple Henderson, this belief encouraged artists to depart from visual reality and to reject the one-point perspective system. This led to the formation of abstract art. Math has changed the way we view art, and it is time we acknowledge its importance.
     Math is a necessity in moving us forward. Long before I can remember, our nation’s growth in intellectual design, technological advances, and scientific input is credible to math. Without advances in mathematical strategies and formulas, our knowledge of computer design, engineering, physics, and architecture would reach a constant standpoint. Our nation’s man made artistic creations-
Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate BridgeHoover Dam Hoover DamMount Rushmore Mount Rushmore- are all attributable to the beauty of math. With much evidence, math has proved itself to be artistic.

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