influencing the fourth dimension_Nicole Carnarius


I see all the connections, I don’t know what they mean.

Huddled inside a pool of light, I chose wisely.

I paste together the fragments of Humanity.

Those perfect glances opening portals in time,

Shrieks of laughter cutting away remorse,

Endless hours where words flow like water,

Confirmation lifting us up gently from the constriction of doubt.

Don’t look too long at these scattered scraps,

They’ll draw you in with Devil’s promises,

But you’ve come all this way, care for a glimpse?

I’ve sculpted time into a string of pearls, I’ve sown the ends together

with the thread of continuity.

I know where this one goes, and that one goes, but still it is unfinished.

I feel pregnant with the burden of creativity.

I’ve carried this weight up and down the crowded streets, the lonely dirt roads.

The wisdom of life-times has taught me patience and humility.

But the seed was there all along.

Slipping from moment to moment, it grew out of longing.

Maturing as I matured. Seeking shelter where I sought redemption.

A lump of coal caught in the current of my spiraling soul,

Until pressure can release it, scalding hot, as a diamond.

I have dreamed, oh I have dreamed.

I am the diamond.

Rays of light bounce off my back in infinite angles.

Their voyage is eternal, each moment frozen in time.

So stay awhile, oh blinding light, chat with me for I am willing to listen.

You know very well I am as old as you. 

Our wisdom dances with a harmony reminiscent of the very notes that sang this plane into existence.

I see all the connections and don’t know what they mean.

I sleep father. I have slept.

I am the wasp.

Conceived behind such a wispy impediment

Though I see pot marks of freckled light from the pressure,

I can glimpse from the top like through the eye of a storm

A horde of geese flying with such violent freedom as to inspire me

To abandon my greed hover,

To let my soul draw breath, to stretch its limbs within this cramped vial,

To fall silently until the restraints of my stature, growing tight with a fractioning resistence,

sling me back into a busy, scared existence.

I have dreamed. I don’t remember what I have dreamed.

Hush my child, sleep here awhile.

It won’t be long until you too depart

To search for silk roads untraveled.

Fear Nothing

Accept Everything

16 Responses to “influencing the fourth dimension_Nicole Carnarius”

  1. brendan ryan says:

    damn nikki, you live on the edge.

  2. I wish I lived on the edge. I live on like a suburb of the edge.