Week 2_Fourth_dimension by Nikola Kondov

During week 2 we have discussed how mathematicsĀ  connects with art. Although something “boring” like math could not be easilly associated with art, both of them are inseperable. Whether we talk about a painting, a sculpture or music, mathematics is everywhere. The Golden ratio seems to appear all the times. In the same time, the concept of “the fourth dimension” became important among artists during the 20th century. The types of art that come closest to that concept are, according to me, the three-dimentional street art, that creates the illusion of space where it does not exist. Artists like Kurt Wenner challenge people’s perspective about art.06-hell

Another type of art that approaches the idea of the “Fourth dimension” is the “flashlight art”, in which street performers use a flashlight in order to create images in the air. What is unique about this art is, that the artist must be quick in making his art, simply because the image disappears. Of course, high-speed cameras may save and reproduce this work of art.


This type of art can be pushed to a whole new level, as we can see here:

Paris by Light

or here:

light graffiti

These works of art show that today’s art still strives to overcome the three-dimensional boundary it is restricted to.

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