week 2: mathematics and art; 4th dimension by joseph hernandez


The most interesting part of lecture this week was Professor Vesna talking about how a mathematical sequence can have a musical representation. It really goes to the crux of the class of the art and sciences hybrid that can synergistically come together and form something that you would not guess could have come of each other. However, it is not hard to anticipate that music, a very popular form of art, could so easily be beautiful when created by any type of medium, including math. Also, the creation of something as beautiful like music through math, even though the term beautiful is subjective, brings up the point that music as a form of art is innately intertwined with sciences. If the math and music can fuse so creatively, how can they not be part of each other? And if that is true, why is there so much confusion as to why the two could be put together?


When I think of the fourth dimension I think of the fourth wall in acting. The importance of the fourth wall is that there is a separation between the actors and their world and with the real world of the viewers of the theater. The fourth wall is there to enable the audience to experience what the actors are going through without actually going through it themselves. And to be more specific, they can view what the characters are experiencing, not the actors themselves. The actors have their “own” fourth wall created to act out the characters. These walls continue to pop up within the actors, the characters and the audience to keep everyone divided. If we stretch this out farther to grasp the main concepts, why as a society are we separating ourselves? Why as individuals? What is it that keeps us fro experiencing ourselves? When the fourth wall is broken, the characters and the audience can interact with each other. Either an actor addresses the audience through their alternate persona or the audience is included in some other way. When the fourth wall is breached, this allows the audience to experience it with them. One of the main reason that there is all this separation is because of a societal construct limiting individuals from experiencing events. If not for fear, why else would individuals be afraid of going out and living their lives? It is because society has created this façade that individuals should be afraid of things they cannot control. However, almost like the new of experience of music and art combined, it is not something to be thrown away or not given a chance, feel free from fear and just experiment with whatever you feel can have a good outcome, or any outcome at all.

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