week 1_blog multiple exposure by josh b.

Ive been exposed to many to many aspects of art and technology mainly throuh anime and videogames, but anĀ  enlightening experience to this combination was through my high school robotics program. my school took part in the FIRST robotics competion, a competion where teams would be given that years “game” rules and would have to build a robot to compete in this game. for example teams would be asked to create a robot that would shoot balls through a hoop as well as race other robots. Another part of the competion, the side in which i was active was to create a 30 second 3d animation promoting the program. teams would be given a theme and would have to relate this theme to robotics. http://www.usfirst.org/.

one the year the theme was “thinking green” our animation was about a lizard that falls in toxic waste and becomes godzilla. a robot made from recycled parts shoots a needle with a cure into godzilas back wich becomes a lizard again. animation is posted here:


pacipating on on the team gave a strange feeling. In one room, team members were working on drawings and storyboards while in the other on physics and engineering of a shooting mechanism.

The robotics program is a great example of art and engineering working together.

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