Week 2- North/South Mixer- Idy Tam

After attending the North/South Mixer event, I began to be less narrow minded about the art field. I really enjoyed seeing younger children getting involved and understanding the two cultures because I sometimes wish that my parents had exposed me to more events like this, when I was younger. Because when I was younger, my parents pushed me to focus in the science field that I never had the chance to understand everyday life in an artist’s perspective. The North/South Mixer event at the California Nanosystems Institute, that is held each quarter, is a wonderful lesson for people like me who have misconceptions about the other culture.

I was walking around the exhibition with my sister, who is also taking DESMA 9, and we saw a crowd of people around the speakers that were amplifying loud, gibberish noises. I especially enjoyed this part of the exposition because in a way I thought those sounds were therapeutic. I would like a soundtrack of these sounds in my iPod, so I can listen to it while I do yoga. But these sounds were no ordinary sounds; in fact, these sound waves were passed across “micro-quartz crystals,” and this technology has a chip that detects different lengths of sound waves. After detecting these different lengths of waves, the sound waves are then distorted and amplified out through the speakers, creating soothing sounds.

I also found the videos about art and nanotechnology eye-catching because I had the opportunity to understand more about nanotechnology— the direct control of matter on an atomic scale, in which scientists can incorporate this technology to advance in medicine– that target the molecular errors that cause disease, rather than treating the symptoms of illness, electronics and innovations for the environment. In the first lecture, I remember Professor Vesna talked about her involvement with nanotechnology but I had no idea exactly what it was, but after attending to this event, I understand more the place nanotechnology holds for our future. In addition, in these video clips, I can see the “art” aspect behind nanotechnology.

The North/South Mixer was an interactive experience for both artists and scientists to get a better understanding of each other’s field. This exhibition, with the purpose of creating a third culture, was worth-while, with great food, and I will definitely attend to it next time!

I would also like to make a comment on the lecture this week on Mathematics, Perspective, Time & Space. I really found the video on socionomics.net extremely appealing. The idea that fractals and Fibonacci ratio that surround our daily lives, such as nature and the stock market, the divisions of our body and the way a human mind functions, is extremely stunning to me.


In this video, I liked how someone is attempting to apply the Fibonacci ratio (Math) to music (art). I am currently trying to discover objects that surround us that somehow correlate both math and art together. I am currently plotting the molar mass of each element in the periodic table to see if the number of protons to atomic weight increases in a pattern of a spiral.

-Idy Tam

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