Week 1 by Mindy Truong

Before taking this course, I often viewed the arts and sciences as being separated by a line; the arts were on one side and the sciences were on the other side. This was how I always pictured it, as two complete opposites. Both subjects seemed to be far apart from one another and each seemed to be completely different from one another. The relationship between arts and sciences didn’t seem to overlap.

After a couple lectures, my perspective on these two topics changed immediately. I saw another side to these two topics; one that combined these different yet similar subjects. After seeing some works that combined both fields together, I realized that science and art can be combined as one and be congruous. Before, I thought the combination of these two cultures wouldn’t really click together especially because they were always viewed as being divided. Even on campus the arts and sciences majors are separated; art majors are considered north campus while science majors are considered south campus. Thinking over the lecture, I realize I wasn’t exposed to the combination of these two cultures before, or even if I had been exposed to it, I overlooked it. However, now I’m starting to notice more of a relationship between these two cultures just by exposed to it.

While blogging about this subject, it brought up something that I usually forget; Leonardo da Vinci was both an artist and a scientist. This was something that was always known to me, but it doesn’t always jump at me because I always pictured sciences and art so far apart from one another. However, now I see that these two cultures can meet in the middle.


- Mindy Truong

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