extra credit — Beatriz da Costa : Invisible Earthlings—-shiyang zheng

Before attending the exhibition of invisible earthlings, I could never image how small things–microbes could change our life dramatically. In this exhibition, the microbes such as staphylococcus and bacillus are shown. For instance, staphylococcus usually resides on skin. If you don’t wash your hand, staphylococcus might spread toxin that commonly causes food poison. There are many other kinds of microbes that locate at bench, gate, and anywhere surround our living environment. They might cause deadly diseases, and also benefits for your physical health. However, most people have some vague notion about the importance of microbes in our ecosystems, microbes commonly only receive our attention when they are perceived to cause problems.

773px-staphylococcus_aureus_01                                                                                      photo of  staphylococcus


photo-15                             microbes sample on the table; touchscreen on the top, which tell you the information about the microbes: location, disease, structure etc

photo-16                             photo of microbes


                             exhibition room!

The role of microbes in our ecosystem remains the butterfly effect and chaos theory. Small variations of the initial condition  of a daynamical system may produce large variations in the long-term behavior of the system. We are living in the world of randomness. Because there are so many thing is unpredictable due to the lack of knowledge and science. The weather was unpredictable in the past, and was believed as superposition.   The weather is now predictable because of technology and science, because we understand the reason and the theory behind randomness.  I realized how important we should keep our room clean and tidy. If I have another project, I would be interested in developing a tool to detect and clean the microbes that is harmful to our human body, and fosters those are beneficial to our health. 


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