David Szanto Slow Food’s University of Gastronomic Sciences Extra Credit by Mindy Truong

David Szanto introduced us to his definition of gastronomy which is the law of stomach. He discussed information about the nonprofit slow food organization that was created in 1989. He also described Italy’s University of Gastronomic Sciences and the things that are offered by the university. The university held trips around countries in Europe which let students examine the production of a variety of foods and allowed for a better understanding of the culture of food. The main goal was to preserve the culture of food and be rid of fast food.

When the topic of fast food is brought up, the first thing that came to my mind was America and the massive consumption of fast food in our country. Highly known for its fast food consumption by other countries, America seems to have little perseverance of food and its culture. Having an abundance of fast food restaurants in America, its seems reasonable that many need to chose a quick and inexpensive meal especially when typical time that is allowed for lunch is approximately more or less 25 minutes.

America has a high obesity rate due to this 119 billion dollar industry. Thinking of obesity brought me to a popular television show on NBC called “The Biggest Loser.” Contestants on the show are obese and want to change their weight problem which puts them at high risk for death. As a fan of the television show, even though the people on the show are on the extreme end of the bell curve for weight, it brings awareness to the outcome that can come from the massive consumption of fast food. Contestants on that television show admit to huge consumption rates of fast food on a daily basis. The show displays what can be the outcome of high consumption of fast food with no exercise for some people.

To think about it dorm food is essentially like fast food. Produced in an assembly like manner such as fast food and having a high fat and calorie count, dorm food is no better than fast food. So why would so many Americans resort to fast food when the quality of food is poor? Although slow food is obviously the better choice of food to choose, it is not always the best convenience. The difference in pricing and timing is why fast food is a huge industry. Of course if I had the option to choose between slow food and fast food I would want to go with slow food. But many do not have the time or cash to go with slow food, so they stick to the alternative, fast food.

Mindy Truong

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