Nanotechnology by Brandon Aust

The possibilities of nanotechnology are endless. I find the most interesting thing about nanotechnology is the concept behind it. The technology keeps getting more and more complicated, yet we desire for the size to get smaller and smaller. It seems like a paradox to me that we can put more advanced equipment into such a smaller package. But, as technology has shown, the desire is to always get more compact. For example, the first computer took up an entire room, and now a laptop can fit in a small bag. The technology within the computer is getting smaller too. With smaller grooves and the hard drive, storage can increase immensely.
Nanotechnology is also a large part of human culture. It is prevalent in many books and movies. Nanotechnology always reminds me of the movie Fantastic Voyage. I find it funny that technology is almost to the point to make this a reality. Not the part of actually shrinking humans, but to have medical equipment that can fit in a human’s bloodstream in order to fix medical problems. Nanotechnology is also in The Matrix, which was also prevalent in our discussion of robotics and consciousness. I really had never noticed how encompassing these parts of our culture are when it comes to the various aspects of the scientific world. It’s very interesting that these topics can save lives and also entertain.


In a way, it is kind of frightening, and yet very exciting where technology can take us. We are currently in a time period where technology is developing faster than it ever has. It is difficult to even name one technological breakthrough, such as how the automobile defined the late 1800’s, because there are so many new ideas being produced or thought up of every day. One has to make an effort to stay informed about all the technology that is even around them.

For some odd reason, nanotechnology reminds me of the concept of space that we discussed last earlier. The way in which this technology is so small in compared to our world makes me think of how small we are in the entire universe. I am currently learning about relativity in my physics class, and I find myself thinking of these concepts. It really reminds me of the scene in Men in Black in which “the galaxy is on Orion’s belt” in which our galaxy is obtained in a marble of an even larger area of space. The perspective of things is simply mind blowing. Going back to the idea of consciousness, we may be unaware of the fact that we are a sort of nano-being to an even larger life form. I think that nanotechnology is a great topic to philosophically link many of the concepts we have discussed in earlier classes.


-Brandon Aust

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