Yonder Beats the Trumpet Heart_Nicole Carnarius

“How do you say, ‘I am incapable of emotions’ in French? I want to know how to say that, but in a way that no one can understand. For a reason that I don’t know yet.”

“In capable of emotions, you say? Well I have a cure for that.”

“Well, I don’t want all emotions. I guess I need the bad ones to make the good ones good. Perhaps you could make me able to bask in the glory of the good ones while merely notice the inconstancy of the bad ones?

“I wouldn’t dream of anything else.”

Final Abstract.

With disappoinmentt in space, it seems the next frontier is virtual reality. Virtually reality is a technology, which allows users to interact with a computer-simulated environment. Users can be fully immersed in “virtuspheres” that have graphics of near realism and holophony audio capabilities.

Brainscanners are another technology scientists are advancing in. Brain scanners are now able to read the visual centers of the brain and transmit the image onto a screen. It is currently can only transmit simple symbols. This rudimentary technology could be developed to create a virtual reality environment that would transmit the brain’s own imagination on to the virtual reality.

This machine will be called the imaginatron.

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