week7- consciousness-wei han ouyang

What is time represented in the brain. Why does that one-second seem so long when you feel the earthquake? Sometimes when you play sports, you feel like hitting that volley took you the longest time ever when it was less than a second? Can our brains be trained to slow down time? I think we can. What is time represented in the brain? To me, I say time does not represented in the brain. The brain will slow down the time that we are experiencing when we are in danger, when the reflexes in our body need help. Can human be trained to dodge bullets? Can reflects be trained to the level that we are faster than speed of sound?
knife fight
In this last clip was a professional training of knife fighting. Even though it was slowed down, the participant will learn the techniques first, and will improve his reflex in combat as the instructor move on to faster pace. In a sense, yes, our brain could be trained to be faster, but on the other and, the brain is trained to know what to react to certain movements. It’s like playing an instrument, as one learn to play music, he or she will practice from slow to fast. Get the brain to know the keys, and then fasten the tempo to train the brain, then after that stage, the brain will slow the normal pace down so the participant will hear and perfect the keys that he or she is playing. I do not believe though, that someone can master the skills of jumping and start flying.

On the other hand, what is consciousness? It defines us; it makes us realize who we really are. But a good question is does one remain his or her consciousness if he or she is drugged? In another words, are we still we when we are under some kind of influence? In one of my favorite youtube videos, a kid was drugged from his dentist appointment and the after effect and his reaction to it was hilarious.
after dentist
As someone would say, David was freaking out because he was “high.” And one can see that he is not really acting like normal 7 years olds would normally act. A good question would be does he still have consciousness. I think he still remain his consciousness because he was asking questions and pointing things out. He probably just felt out of it. It is interesting to look at this kind of reactions because when I was young I had the same experience. After dentist appointments I would always feel that the car ride is very fast when mom was only driving 20 miles per hour. I would get really anxious and told her to slow down and stop so we can get some food so I have some other things to focus on. When one remains his or her consciousness, I’d say that he or she questions him or herself weather the reality is true. And when one is under some influence, he or she will ask even more about the truth of this world.

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