week 8- space- wei han ouyang

Space is a very interesting concept. If one thinks about it, like what we see in lecture this week, there can be 10 dimensions if one really looks into it. An interesting point to look at it is that people usually don’t see their life as tenth dimensions. What people usually see are only three to four dimensions. When people do things they obviously do it in the three-dimension world. But as one looks back and review his or her action it’s a fourth dimension process because the action is already in the past. Like I mentioned in my blog about fourth dimension, fourth dimension is a space that connect the past and the present. And it is important for us to learn this through something, especially something easy like what we saw in lecture the other day created from both art and science. Another way to look at this “space” concept, we can take it to outside of our planet and look into space in our universe. From the lecture I recall one of the dimension is folding two spaces on a straight line together so basically one thing can be at two places at one time. In another words, time traveling. Is time traveling really possible? There are black wholes out in the space that even though there aren’t any experiments done to explore the black wholes, there is a possibility that black wholes are the results of folding spaces. But beside from time traveling, space is special especially because there’s no gravity. I saw a video that a astronaut recorded while he was in the space, his head was all read because without the gravity to pull down the blood. Usually when astronauts return from space they will have to go to physical therapy because they are not used to the gravity. So if one thinks about it, what kind of dimension does an astronaut live in?
We watched a video that explained fourth dimension in lecture and it displays a video of a twisted three-dimension world. I think the explanation is not literal. The rotate and the twisting of the objects in the video symbolize the relations between the objects. When the two human figures twisted around each other and when the human rotate around the tree, both concepts demonstrates the relation between human-beings and their relations to nature. In MIM’s new music video move if you wanna displays a similar effect.
mims-move if you wanna

In the music video, the editor keeps repeating the actions in the background while MIM goes on and raps. Notice that he wasn’t really stepping on the ground when he walks. And how the video displays a fourth dimension setting. It’s like he is rapping while other people is staying at the same place. It seems like time passes by and no one is noticing it.  At the end, like the clip that we saw in class, Mim starts to twist in fourth dimension. Im not sure if it was just a transition to the second part of the video or he wants to tell his fans to moving and have moves like him, but it’s just interesting how this kind of art can be incorporated into a hip hop music video.

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