Week 8 Space – Isaac Arjonilla

This week’s lecture was focused on the various aspects of Space, and it served to remind me of how insignificant we might seem in comparison. In order to understand how small we truly are, we were shown a video in class where it continues to move farther from the earth, increasing in distance and showing us how small earth is and how big the universe is. I often wonder how small we really are in comparison, and how many other types of living organisms exist.


After watching the following video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0lxbzgwW7I) I realized how big the universe is. Usually, when I think of outer space I don’t take into consideration the other solar systems in our galaxy and the other galaxies in the universe. I used to doubt about possible life forms outside our planet, but when one begins to think about something as big as the universe it would be rather foolish to rule out other life. Something that is really frustrating to me, as a sci-fi movie watcher, is that it would be very hard to actually prove about what other life forms are in different universes. Also, I am always amazed by the mysteries of space, For instance, black holes. There will never be a way to see what happens after one enters one or where it leads to. From a scientific perspective, outer space is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, mystery to known man but from an artistic perspective, the wonders of space have inspired different styles of art, and introduced us to a film genre which has produced much success.

Every time I think about outer space, I always seem to be conflicted by religion. The Big Bang Theory and my religious beliefs often contradict, making it harder to have an idea of where we all life originated. However, speaking with all religion aside, I think that there must be something greater than an omniscient and omnipotent deity, other galaxies must share different beliefs than ours, and I think that limiting to only one religion and believing that there is only one true god will never help us begin to understand the mysteries that surrounds our earth, and our galaxy.


Final Proposal:
In a country where people suffer from poor mental health and stress issues, stress decreasing activities are always in need. I propose a highly sophisticated room with the sole purpose of improving emotional and mental health among the majority of stressed Americans. The room, which will vary in size, will be composed of liquid crystal displays that will display relaxing images, or videos to the subject. The projected content will be determined by their personality and preferences, and will be inputted into the room’s mainframe. Ultimately, this room should be able to reduce one’s stress levels, improve emotional health, and provide a new source of entertainment for many generations to come.

- Isaac Arjonilla

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