Week 8-Space by Justine Hicks

So this week in class seemed a little random to me. We went from talking about space to having the guest speaker talk about recording ants and people jumping on pogo sticks, so I didn’t really know what was going on. The space lecture was kind of interesting though, particularly when professor Vesna mentioned UFOs and aliens. I mean, I think space in general is interesting, but the fact that there might be other life forms out there, that we’re not sure actually exist or not, is an even more trippy thought.
I really don’t know what to think about space and everything or whether or not The Big Bang Theory is true, or whether any speculation is true. If it was caused by something that “defies our current understanding of physics (Big Bang Theory) then how could that be where the universe came from? Space is just one of those things that has never made sense to me. I mean how can we really know how it all came to be and how the universe is what it is, where did it all come from?? How did we all get here? I really don’t know what to believe.

On another note, I thought some of the projects the guest speaker did were pretty interesting. I thought the six-person guitar act was pretty creative, especially because it was pushing the boundaries of standard music and of what one person would be capable of doing with one guitar. Another project he discussed where he recorded the sounds of crushing things with that truck was also a little eccentric. It seemed like an aggressive way to make a project. I just like that he was into different sounds and trying to incorporate them to make other sounds and doing it in very innovative ways.

I want to create a device entitled MoodMusic. The concept of MoodMusic is to use a person’s emotional state to generate music and visualization simultaneously, corresponding with that person’s emotions. The idea incorporates using the human body, robotics, and aspects of the fourth dimension in that it would be a three dimensional robotic device, that while powered would be in constant motion. It would have sensors that would be able to detect a person’s emotion. Once the emotion is detected a corresponding song would be played. The visualizations would project from the device onto the surroundings. They could be images of space and because the device would be in constant motion, it could give the illusion that one is traveling through space. There could also be other visual effects to give the effect of possibly being in the ocean or walking through a forest. The effect could be that the listener almost exits a state of consciousness by not being so aware of his actual surroundings by being too enthralled in the illusion that he’s traveling through space while the emotionally matched music is playing.

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