week 8 by joseph hernandez


The concept of space really intrigued me. It really blows my mind how there can just be empty space outside our planet. There are just particles floating around in space. It’s also very interesting to think about how much is outside our planet, or even outside our immediate personal area. There is life going on around the world and there is an infinite amount of space that no human has ever entered. The amount of space outside our own planet is so great and so mind blowing that it also brings into question the severity and complexity of dimensions. Even though there is a multitude of different dimensions, I think the 4th dimension is one of the easiest to grasp but also one of the most interesting. The fact that you would be able to see the beginning and end of someone’s life all at the same time would be incredible. Everyone would be omniscient so there would be no secrets. The 4th dimension would open up everyone to new possibilities in every aspect of art and science. Abstract: My project is going to revolve around the beauty of nature and the manipulation of photography expressed through high fashion design. I would take pictures of microscopic images (like the DNA used to make art work) and make them into high fashion or haute couture gowns. Gowns could be inspired by the shape and color of galaxies or be made to resemble plants commonly found in nature. Also, eco-friendly materials would inspire clothing that reflects the elegance of nature. After having a runway show, which would be lit up with images from nature like stars in the galaxy or pictures of rainforests depending on the types of gowns being shown, all the pieces will be auctioned off and proceeds would go to an eco-friendly charity. 



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