Week 8_Space and Abstract by uriel cobian

This week in lecture, I was reminded of how little our planet is in comparison to everything else that’s out there. As young people we tend to think that everything revolves around us. When we mature a little, we start opening up to realizing that there’s a lot more going on in the world, from wars to international events like the Olympics. But even all of these things that go on around the world are extremely little compared to all that is out there in space. Society has come a long way in space exploration, but there’s just so much more out there waiting to be explored. It seems as though space exploration is becoming easier to do, with some people already being able to travel to space just for fun. Who knows, maybe someday I can be one of the lucky ones to vacation in space. The guest lecturer, Gil Kuno, showed us an interesting video that displayed how infinite space is. He also showed us the “10th Dimension” video, which is always interesting to me, even though I always get lost around the fifth dimension.

I really enjoyed Gil Kuno’s presentation on Thursday. I couldn’t believe how good his one string guitar group sounded. At first I thought these guitars would make some very messy music but it is actually very good and unique. What impressed me about this was not only that Kuno was able to think up such a concept, but the thought and precision he had to put into making music for such a group. I also really enjoyed the interactive music video he made with the help of the German cartoonist. Thirty minutes ago I found myself messing with it seeing what I could do. He also presented what to me was a new concept- Noise Music. I was shocked when he said that concert goers have to sign a waiver in case anything happens. He didn’t really show us an example of it so I looked for one on the net. I found this interesting but frankly, it isn’t something I would want to listen to:


Final Abstract:

Over the years, industrialization has made life easier for people, but at what cost? Since the advent of the engine and large manufacturing factories, industrialization has left its mark on the world by means of air pollution, specifically what is commonly referred to as “smog”. Recently, countries have taken measures to improve the quality of our air by way of new technology that reduces these emissions or by legislation to suppress the producers of smog. But what about the smog that is already in the atmosphere? My proposal is a machine that not only absorbs these harmful gases but also releases non-harmful gases that will decorate the atmosphere, making good from bad. For my final, I will extend this midterm project while making a few modifications to it. I will make the machine blend into the environment and add a few other ways for it to be a decoration.

-uriel cobian

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