Week 8- Space and Abstract by Mary Tam

This week, Professor Vesna showed us many YouTube videos on space. I think it is interesting that many people have been on space and all the discoveries they found since the first time man went on space. If I have a chance, I would want to go to space. I want to fly pass every planet and see how it is like. I want to discover a planet that has living organisms. I know there are other galaxies in the universe, but I wonder if the other galaxies have Earth as well. If so, do those “Earths” have the same people living there? I think soon enough with the technology, we will be able to find out other galaxies. There are so many unanswered questions that I want to find out soon. Professor Vesna said that there are many television shows and movies that are based on space. That could be the reason why many people are fascinated by aliens and outer space. Without the media giving us ideas, we would not have imaginations of how aliens are like. Also there are movies that are about humans living in space. A movie that I really enjoy is Zenon, a Disney movie. I find it very interesting how the movie shows a group of people living in a mobile object, and they don’t know what is outside the mobile. However, they can go back to Earth to visit their family. This movie gives us an imagination on the future. We will never know what is going to happen in one hundred years, but movies often show what it might be like.

I wish that space traveling can be more convenient. Right now, there is space traveling but it is so expensive, nearly anyone can afford it. There is news that says that there have been UFOs on earth. Many people do not believe it, but I believe in it. People have said that the Egyptians had help from aliens in building pyramids. Also, people also said that the United States government is aware of the presence of aliens, but they can not reveal that fact because the aliens threatened to destroy Earth. These rumors can be true or false, but there are many unexplainable things on Earth that only supports that the rumors are true. However, we will never know until it is proven. We should spend more money on discovering space. Maybe one day, we can finally meet an alien and interact with them. Humans already interact with people who are different from each other, either by race or by gender. I do not see why we cannot try to interact with aliens. Maybe it would break the things that are said about aliens. What if there are aliens disguised as humans living on earth right now? Like Superman, he is an alien, but he looks human. How do we know that people around us are aliens? This is very interesting and it will be amazing if there are aliens around us.


Parents worry about their new born children because they cannot communicate with them today. Parents are sometimes unsure what their babies want when they cry. Also, they do not know what their children are feeling when they make certain facial expressions. However, understanding the developmental trajectories in children’s intensity of emotion and their implications for social competence is limited. There are ways to determine how someone is feeling. Emotions are located at the limbic system. So if we make a monitor that can understand the signals of the thalamus, it can help get rid of the problems and stress that parents have. With a monitor that interprets the brainwaves and chemicals from the thalamus, parents will be able to understand how their babies are feeling.

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